Village of Sugar Grove Sprinkler System Notice

It is very important that you let Village of Sugar Grove Utilities Department know if you have an irrigation system!

 Pursuant to Village Code 8-4-1 No person shall establish, permit to be established, maintain or permit to be maintained any connection whereby a private, auxiliary or emergency water supply enters the distribution system of the Village unless such private, auxiliary or emergency water supply method of connection and use of such supply shall have been approved by the Water Operations Director and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. (Ord. 554, 5-11-1992)

 The State of Illinois requires that backflow prevention assemblies be installed on all hazardous cross-connections in an effort to keep our water supply safe. These assemblies must be tested and certified every year to ensure that they are working properly. You are responsible for hiring a licensed backflow tester to perform the annual test and certification of the backflow assembly.

If you have any questions, please contact the Sugar Grove Public Works Department at (630) 391-7230.