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Clubhouse & PCA Office Building

The Cheshire Clubhouse and the Prestbury Citizens’ Association Office Building are managed by this committee. Committee members oversee interior and exterior decorating and upkeep (painting, floor and window coverings, furniture, seasonal embellishments) and ensure that appliances, heating, and plumbing are properly maintained. Oversight of landscaping is shared with the Maintenance Committee. In addition, the Clubhouse and Office Building Committee is responsible for scheduling use of these facilities for community and private resident’s events and performs a periodic review of the contract and waiver for use of these buildings.


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PCA office

Long Range Planning

This Committee addresses issues that have a long-term impact on the community, such as access to private roads and use of common areas. To ensure maximum input from members of the community, public notice of meetings is provided. The mission and charter of the committee are under review at this time.




Member responsibilities for the Pool committee include overseeing the seasonal opening and closing of the community pool, ensuring that pool equipment is properly maintained and replaced as needed, annual review of pool rules with publication and distribution prior to opening day, and scheduling of swimming lessons with the lifeguards (in cooperation with the PCA office manager). Responsibility for landscaping is shared with the Lakes, Parks, and Common Areas committee. Hiring and firing of lifeguards is the responsibility of the PCA office manager.


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Public Safety

This committee sets the schedule for security patrols and reports any unusual activities or special community concerns to the Board of Directors.



This committee oversees the maintenance of all common areas in Prestbury. Responsibilities include community waste disposal; maintenance of lawns and landscaping; snow removal; tree trimming; upkeep of streets, street lights, and fences; cleanup and maintenance of lakes and parks; and mosquito control.

Lakes, Parks, and Common Areas

This subcommittee of the Maintenance committee coordinates all new landscape planting in common areas, recommends and oversees the acquisition of new equipment for the community’s parks, evaluates the need for signage in the community, and functions as an advisory group for upkeep and refurbishing of existing common area landscaping, park equipment, and signage.


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This committee was formed to provide activities for all children and grandchildren of Prestbury residents.



In an effort to improve communication between the Prestbury Citizens’ Association and its members, a web site,, was established. Members of this committee regularly review the site, monitor its traffic, approve additions, and make suggestions for future development.