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Prestbury Citizens Associations Board

Prestbury is governed by the Prestbury Citizens Association (PCA). The Association is run by an elected Board of Directors. The Association is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation operated by the residents of Prestbury for the mutual benefit of all the people residing in the village. The registered office of the Association is at 15 Winthrop New Road, Prestbury-Sugar Grove, Illinois 60554. PCA is responsible for maintaining the facilities of Prestbury.

There are nine PCA Directors who hold office for a term of three years. No Director may serve more than two consecutive full terms. Nomination for election to the Board of Directors is made by committee. The Nominating Committee, appointed by the Board, consists of a Chairman, who is a Board member, and two or more PCA members. Nominations are made from among the members of PCA and may be made from the floor at the annual meeting.

PCA office

Each year, a meeting of PCA members is held on the second Tuesday of January. Prior to this annual meeting, the Board adopts an operating budget to be presented for approval by the members. In addition to this, the annual meeting is held for the purpose of hearing reports from the Board and all committees and the election of new Directors. One very important report is the Treasurer’s in which an itemized accounting of the common expenses for the preceding year, together with a tabulation of the amounts collected, and showing the net excess or deficit of income over expenditures plus reserves is distributed.

In addition to the annual meeting and preparation of the budget, the PCA Board also performs these functions:

  1. Manage and control the affairs of the Association in compliance with the legal requirements of the laws of the State of Illinois, the PCA By-Laws and the PCA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements,
  2. Designate a banking institution or institutions as depository for the Association’s funds; and the officer or officers authorized to make withdrawals there from and to execute obligations on behalf of the Association,
  3. Perform other acts the authority for which has been granted herein or by law, including the borrowing of money for Association purposes,
  4. Adopt such rules and regulations relating to the use of Association property, and sanctions for non-compliance therewith,
  5. Appoint the members of an Architectural Standards Committee, which shall have the authority to enforce compliance with the Declaration of Conditions, Covenants, Restrictions and Easements, and with the rules and regulations established by the Association,
  6. Cause the Association to employ sufficient personnel to adequately perform the responsibilities of the Association,
  7. Establish committees of the Association and appoint the members thereof, and
  8. Levy special assessments (not to exceed $500.00 per unit)

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Board Members as of 1/9/2024

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Name Office E-Mail
Mike Beatus President
Tyler Webber Vice President
Tom Brewer Treasurer
Laura Fulton Secretary


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Laura FultonBoard MemberArchitectural Standards, Fence,
Naomi RolfeBoard MemberClubhouse/Office

Joe KordeckiBoard MemberPool

John BrennanBoard MemberPublic Safety, Web/
Tim Wiegert Board MemberParks, Tennis & Pickleball, Liaison for Adult & Youth
Marlene DeckBoard MemberLakes, Landscape, Trees, Beautification, Trails, Pest
Tyler WeberBoard MemberSnow Removal, Street Improvements, Street Lights, Sidewalks, Trash, Recycle, Street Sweep