Prestbury History
Prestbury was a farm, owned by the Judd family when it was purchased for development in 1966, by RCA Associates.


Prestbury began in 1967 on a 700-acre piece of land.  The developer, RCA Associates, said it would take 10 years to complete the Planned Unit Development (PUD).  This community was to include a commercial center, a post office, stores, medical & dental offices, elementary school, two churches, 18-hole golf course, riding stables, industrial park, four community pools and a public library.  Prestbury’s plan included single and multi -family housing.  Prestbury is named for an English town that dates back to the 1100s.

In 1990, Laura Fulton, president of PCA and Herb Steinmetz (PCA attorney) at the time negotiated an amenities package with Mr. Richard Cooper from RCA Associates. PCA was compensated for items that were initially advertised by the developer which are listed above.

In 1995, PCA president Roger Hatcher negotiated with Mr. Cooper to deed over the remaining land portion of Prestbury and the residents had total control of the property.

Currently there are 526 single family units and 417 multi-family units. There are eight multi-family associations within the community. Present day amenities are three lakes, one pool, two playgrounds, two tennis courts, a clubhouse, and an office building.

Management Companies

September 1, 2000 – July 31, 2003
EPI Management, LLC was retained. (EPI managers were Steve Elmore & Scott Adler)

August 1, 2003 – July 31, 2014
Property Specialists, Inc. was retained. (PSI managers were Connie Schultz 2003-2009, Michelle Courtney Jan – Sep 2010, Mary Seego Oct 2010 – Jan 2014, and Anthony Cvek February 2014 – July 2014.)

August 1, 2014 to present
Vanguard/Associa Chicagoland is the current management company (Associa managers were Jeff Vaughn August 2014 – April 2016, Kat Majka May 2016 – May 2017, Jeanette Catellier June 2017 – August 2021, Ann Goebel September 2021 to present.)

Part Time On-Site Managers

Dave Paskert
December 1991 – September 1992

Wendy Hirsch
October 1992 – June 2000

Carol Cluff
September 1999 – August 2007

Nicki Leroy
August 2007 to present

Grounds Maintenance

In the years after the developer released the property to PCA, Myron Judd maintained PCA properties and stored tools, etc. in the Judd barn on the family farm on Winthrop New Road.

September 2000 – July 2003
Sean Walsh was the maintenance man from EPI Management, LLC.

August 1, 2003 – June 2011
CT Services was hired between August 2003-June 2011 for major repairs and grounds maintenance for the community. Tom & Connie Schultz owned CT Services. Connie Schultz was PCA’s manager from PSI during 2003-2009.

June 2011 – July 2020
In June 2011, CT Services contract was terminated. Greg Surin (Creekside Homes) was hired and worked from June 2011 until he retired in April 2020. John Keilty worked from September 2019 – July 2020.

July 2020 to present
Doug Leroy was hired temporarily in July 2020 while the PCA board continued to recruit a permanent maintenance contractor. Jay Wolf was hired and worked from November 2020 – January 2021. Doug Leroy is the present grounds maintenance employee.

All other contractors, i.e. snowplowing, grass cutting, lake aeration, lake maintenance, tree trimming and removing, tennis courts, parks, streets, streetlights, pool, window washing, cleaning of the clubhouse and office building are renewed by the contract date.


OFFICE BUILDING/CLUBHOUSE were completed in 1967. The clubhouse housed the office of RCA & Associates and a main gathering room for PCA activities. The first floor of the office building was Willowmeade’s Country Store. In the 1990’s, there was a major renovation of the clubhouse and RCA & Associates moved from the clubhouse to the second floor of the office building. At that time, a realtor’s office resided on the first floor. In 2008, there was a major renovation to the office building moving the site manager’s office to the first floor from the upper level.

POOL/BATH HOUSE – RCA & Associates opened the first pool and open-air bath house on July 4, 1970. The second pool and enclosed bath house were completed in 1991.

DUMPSTER SHED was constructed by Greg Surin in 2011.

MAINTENANCE GARAGE was completed in 2018 for use by the PCA maintenance contractor.

Important Community Issues

  1. In the late 1980s, the Aurora Airport was being considered by FAA as a third major Chicago airport. At this time, our board president, Jack Lindstrom went to Washington D.C. and successfully received a noise abatement agreement from the federal government which is in effect today.
  2. In 1990, there was a decision made by PCA to build a new Prestbury community pool in the same location as the existing pool. The new facility was expanded, so to protect the adjacent homeowners, there was a legal agreement with PCA attached to their properties prohibiting any additional construction around the pool site in the future.
  3. In the mid 2000’s, a resident petitioned the USPS to change our mailing address from Aurora, IL 60506 to Sugar Grove, IL 60554 and the petition was granted.
  4. Around 2000, the Village of Sugar Grove extended an invitation for annexation to Prestbury and at the same time there was also a window of opportunity for Prestbury to become its own village due to legislation passed by the State of Illinois. The following three choices were voted on by the community. (1) annex to the Village of Sugar Grove, 2) incorporate as our own village or 3) stay the same). Of the three choices, we did not receive a majority vote for any one option, so we remained the same.
  5. In September 2020, the community completed an eight-year dam modification project on Lake Prestbury in accordance with new mandated regulations by the state and federal government. The actual construction was completed over two years.