Cheshire Clubhouse
A community building that Prestbury residents can reserve for private functions
Cheshire Clubhouse
With available tables and chairs, a full kitchen, wall-to-wall laminate wood floors, and wireless internet, be confident you can provide a party to remember
Cheshire Clubhouse
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Cheshire Clubhouse
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Cheshire Clubhouse
Cheshire Clubhouse
Cheshire Clubhouse
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Reservations & InfoRMATIOn

To make a reservation for the clubhouse, you’ll first need to review the calendar for availability.

Click here for the Cheshire Clubhouse calendar (this will open a new browser window)

You will need to login to use the calendar.

  • Login is cheshire (all lower case)
  • Password is bagheera221  (all lower case)

Find your date and click on the number (date) to open the request page, fill out the information and submit.

The PCA office manager will review your selection and will contact you to confirm. Once confirmed, you will be provided (or can download) the appropriate forms and can complete your payment.

Cheshire ClubHOUSE Frequently Asked Questions

Wireless internet is available (at no charge) to use for audio/video streaming or general internet browsing. Code is available in the clubhouse.

There are 6 – 8 ft. rectangular, and 12 – 5 ft. round tables.

There are 104 folding chairs and a few occasional chairs.

No, but you can bring in what you need.

Barbecuing is not allowed on the patio overlooking the lake, but there is a concrete slab on the east side of the building where you can barbecue.

There are no grills, but they may be brought and used on the concrete slab.

Damages to chairs, tables, lamps, etc. will be charged to the renter.

Any signs put up must be fastened to the wooden trim, not the walls.

Decorations are allowed, provided no damage is done to the walls. After an event, decorations must be removed and may be placed in the dumpster located in the parking lot.