Prestbury 2021 Pool Procedure Reminder

Dear Residents,

We are excited to welcome you back to the pool this weekend! The Prestbury pool will re-open for the season on Saturday, May 29. In accordance with updated CDC and state restrictions for outdoor pools, this will look like a normal pool season for the most part.

What’s different this year from last year?

  • Pool furniture will be returned. Sanitizing stations – much like at gyms – will be available around the pool deck area.
  • No more reservations required, and we will revert to our traditional guest policy.
  • Vending machines will be open.
  • Locker rooms and traditional entrances will be open.
  • Use of pool noodles, floats and toys will be permitted.
  • One additional lifeguard will be employed during peak hours to ensure proper guard breaks and time for additional cleaning of high touch surfaces during safety breaks etc.
  • Morning workout classes and private swim lessons will be offered.
  • As this is an outdoor pool, masks are not required. Individuals who have not been vaccinated are advised to continue wearing masks in enclosed areas. If you have not received a vaccine and wish to wear a mask while passing through or using the locker room, you are welcome to do so.

Additional pool operating rules and information:

Must have a valid Prestbury ID to enter to pool. If a Prestbury ID has been issued in the past, no need to renew it. (Prestbury photo ID’s can be taken during PCA office hours 9AM to 2:30 PM). If the state continues to require temperature checks for outdoor pools, these will be taken upon check-in/card scans.

The pool is open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

No one under 11 admitted without parent or guardian.

Masks must be worn when entering and exiting the pool area. The water bottle filling station will be available for use, but the community water fountain will be shut off. Operators, employees, and residents are asked to wear face coverings when in enclosed areas.  Exceptions can be made for children younger than 2 years of age or people with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from safely wearing a face covering.

Do not go to the pool if you have felt sick in the last 48 hours.

Social distancing signs and face mask requirement signs will be posted throughout the area. Guests must follow the requirements.

Wash, disinfect, or sanitize your hands after any interaction with employees, other residents, guests or items that you touch. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the pool area.

The pool staff, lifeguards and Management have the authority to enforce the pool rules. Proper conduct and adherence to the rules is necessary to ensure the pleasure and comfort of all residents. The attendants have the authority to remove people from the pool waiting line, pool areas, or locker rooms, and to call the Police if necessary.

The pool staff, lifeguards and Management have the authority to close the pools at their discretion due to instances such as air temperature below 68 degrees, rain, severe weather, lightning, mechanical breakdown of equipment, water chemical imbalance, emergency situations, etc.

Failure to follow the rules or causing a disturbance could result in expulsion from the pool and loss of pool privileges. Anyone found in the pool before or after hours will have their privileges suspended.

Please watch Associa’s TownSq app for updates and announcements.  If you haven’t registered for TownSq yet, please visit and use your account number to register.

The opening of the pool does not warranty safety or eliminate the risk of the virus.  Your health and safety are your own responsibility and you should make informed decisions based upon personal preference and all governmental mandates, CDC, and health department recommendations.  Neither the PCA Board of Directors, the Management Team at Associa and PCA’s retained attorneys, or the Chicagoland Swimming Pool Management Systems/Pool Guards are responsible for your health. Please adhere to all mandates and recommendations listed above. Residents should take their own steps to ensure their own sanitization. This is not the responsibility of the above-mentioned groups. Your entrance to the facility confirms you are aware of your expectations as listed in this letter.

We want to thank everyone in advance for your cooperation and efforts for a safe and fun pool season.



PCA Board of Directors