Dues should be sent to:

Associa Chicagoland Management
 P.O. Box 61955
 Phoenix, AZ 85082

dues will not be accepted at the PCA office

Dear Prestbury Resident:

Your response to the enclosed survey is extremely important…as we begin PLANNING PRESTBURY’S PARKS, TRAILS, and OPEN SPACES.


The PCA is conducting a Community Survey as a tool to help establish priorities for the future improvement of our parks, trails, and open spaces.

We appreciate your time…

We realize that this survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, but each question is important. The time you invest in completing this survey will aid the PCA in taking a resident-driven approach to making decisions that will enrich the future of our community and positively affect the lives of Prestbury’s residents.

Please complete this online or hard copy (available at PCA office) survey by October 2nd… 


We have selected Planning Resources Inc. as our partners to measure the satisfaction of our residents, to assess the quantity and quality of our parks, trails, and open spaces as well as set a course of action for the next five to ten years. Planning Resources Inc. will present the results to the Community at a future date. Your responses will remain confidential.

If you complete a hard copy of the survey, please return it to the PCA office.



The Community Survey is a tool that will benefit all residents. Please take this opportunity to let your voice be heard.


Parks and Trails Committee

The Tennis / Pickleball Court Gate Code has been changed September 4, 2019

All Prestbury Residents that would like the code need to contact the PCA Office with their Prestbury ID number.

All Residents that have already called in have been contacted on September 4, 2019 via email with the new code.

Please note**** the gate code must never be given out to anyone with the exception of family members in your home. 

All residents must register with PCA to receive the code.

Please do not give out the code to anyone not living in Prestbury. 

Prestbury has the right to revoke privlleges if the rules are not followed.

Thank you, Prestbury Board of Directors.

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