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The February 2015 Newsletter is here!

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Dick Austin, President

Barb Atwell, Vice President & Clubhouse /Office

Beth Benson Ulrich, Secretary & Web

Laura Judd Fulton, Treasurer

Dennis Smith, Maintenance

George Hauser, Maintenance

John Lentz, Pool & Security

Jim Marchigiani, Architectual Standards

Jodee Grometer, Youth Activities.


The November 2014 Newsletter is here!

Prestbury Rules and Regulation as amended August 12, 2014 and now amended Nov.11, 2014 by the Prestbury Citizens Associations Board.


The intent of this amendment is to provide for and control the reasonable use of fire pits whether fix or movable within the Prestbury community as well as to insurance that any said use does not infringe on anyone rights.


This is now Item 10. under Lot Maintenance. The current Item number 10 will become Item 11.


Open fire pits for the sole use of aesthetics and or warmth shall be allowed providing that appropriate safety measure are observed and that placement of such pit whether movable or fixed does not impact in any negative way on the neighbors or the community as a whole. Further in the cases of a fixed fire pit the architectural review committee of the Prestbury Board must grant approval of placement of said pit and adjoining neighbors shall be notified prior to approval.   

A fire pit used under this amendment that burns or allows to be burned grass clippings, leaves, tree branches, other yard waste or garbage of any type will be in violation of said amendment and can be subject to a fine of $25.00 per incident and or forced removal of said pit with repeated occurrence.   


This week we had a serious vandalism event. Someone started a fire in the wooded area bordered by Green Hills Court, Hathaway Crescent, Dorchester and Buckingham Drive. Over 2 acres of leaves burned.

We were lucky that the leaves were wet and the dead wood in the area did not ignite.

This is an area that has had problems in the past; fires, holes, plugged drains.

Please be aware of any activity in this area. Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Kane County Sheriff. We now have officers patrolling the area. They are instructed to turn over any vandals to the Kane County Sheriff. Prestbury does prosecute trespassers, vandals and their parents.

Thank you,

PCA Board of Directors