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Now that Spring is here and Summer is finally on its way, just a friendly reminder about the proper handling of our pets here in Prestbury and in Kane County.


Dogs running at large--Public Nuisance - Impoundment

Any dog not under the immediate control of its owner or the owner's agent, found straying or running at large within the corporate limits of the County of Kane shall be deemed and considered to be a public nuisance. Any dog found running at large or straying in any incorporated or unincorporated area of Kane County contrary to provisions of this Ordinance may be apprehended and impounded. It shall be the duty of the Kane County Animal Control Administrator to impound any dog not under immediate control of it's owner, or the owner's agent, found straying or running at large within the corporate limits of the County of Kane, but outside the limits of any municipality.  For this purpose, the Administrator shall utilize any existing or available Animal Control Facility.


Animal Excrement- Owners obligation for Disposal

No person shall allow cat or dog feces to accumulate in any yard, pen, or premises in or upon which a cat or dog shall be confined or kept so that it becomes offensive to those residing in the vicinity or a health hazard to the residing cat or dog.

No person shall fail to remove feces deposited by his cat or dog, except guide dogs, upon the public ways or within the public places of the County or upon the premises of any person other than the owner without the person's consent.


From the PCA Rules:




No livestock (including poultry), horses, or more than two each of dogs or cats four months of age or older shall be kept or maintained on any lot or in any dwelling unit.


Dogs and cats must be contained on the owner’s premises or on a leash in other areas. Residents walking pets on public streets or in common areas must clean up after their pets immediately and shall provide appropriate equipment for doing so (e.g., plastic bag and/or shovel). Pets are to be kept off private property, including empty lots.


In accordance with Kane County animal control ordinances, every owner of a dog or cat four months of age or older must register that dog or cat with the county animal control department within 30 days after having that dog or cat inoculated against rabies, as required by law. Every owner of a dog or cat three months of age or older shall cause such dog or cat to be inoculated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian at such intervals as have been established by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.


When pets are found roaming within Prestbury, every effort will be made to identify their owners. If the pet's owner cannot be identified, Kane County authorities will be notified and the pet will be impounded to be retrieved by, and at the expense of, its owner.


If you are a pet owner, thank you for your compliance as strict enforcement will be undertaken

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