Dues should be sent to:

Associa Chicagoland Management
 P.O. Box 61955
 Phoenix, AZ 85082

dues will not be accepted at the PCA office

Annual Garage Sale needs a person to Chair the Event Saturday May 18, 2019.

Without someone to run this event, we will not be able to have one this year.

Contact the PCA Office 630-466-1576 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have the file on past sales with all contact information. This is a very popular event let’s not let it slip away

The February 2019  Newsletter is here!

Single Family $120.08  with added  Trash  $19.50 =  $139.58

Multifamily  $90.06  with added  Trash  $19.50 = $109.56

Multifamily $90.06 without Trash

The January 2019  Newsletter is here!

Frank Gerry, President

William Gain, Vice President

Doug Raskosky, Treasurer

Kathy Buzecky, Secretary, Pool, Youth & Adult Activities

George Hauser, Maintenance

William Gain, Maintenance

Dan Residori, Architectural Standards

Tim Kanive, Tech & Public Safety

John Osterman, PCA Office & Cheshire Clubhouse

Tom Brewer, Parks, Trails & Sidewalks

The November 2018  Newsletter is here!